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Camille A. "Cam" Morvant II     

Camille A. "Cam Morvant As District Attorney, my goals are:
To ensure that justice is served for the residents of Lafourche by enforcing the criminal laws of the State of  Louisiana.

To champion the rights of victims of crime in Lafourche  Parish.

To protect those juveniles subject to abuse and/or neglect.

To ensure that the best interests of children are preserved by enforcing Louisiana's child support laws.

To implement programs designed to educate and inform the public regarding the role that the District Attorney’s Office has in their day to day lives.

For your convenience, our office has an Assistant District Attorney available from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday though Friday to answer your questions, provided that you do not already have an outside attorney representing you.  Please call (985) 447-2003 and ask for the assistant on duty.


The Lafourche Parish District Attorney is the statutory legal advisor to the Parish Government and to all Parish Board and Commissions. In his capacity as legal advisor, the District Attorney works closely with Parish Council and the Parish President to protect the interests of Lafourche Parish. The District Attorney's Office also makes itself available to answer questions and provide legal advice to Parish Boards and Commissions.


  • Project L.E.A.D. (Legal Enrichment and Decision-Making)

  • Domino Effect

  • Violence Intervention Program (VIP)

  • District Attorney Truancy Program (DATE)

  • Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying


PRESS RELEASES - April 20, 2015  



THIBODAUX – A Thibodaux resident was sentenced to ten years in prison for indecent behavior with a juvenile on the eve of his scheduled jury trial Monday.

Brian Stickel, 51, was scheduled to begin trial Tuesday morning for aggravated rape, which carried a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

"Our goal in prosecuting sex crimes is to protect the public by removing the offender from society for as long as possible," said District Attorney Camille A. Morvant, II. "But in doing so, we can never overlook our first priority, which is the welfare of our victim. In this case, accepting a plea bargain was the best way to accommodate both of those concerns."

Stickel, who was homeless and living at a campsite at the time he committed the crime in June of 2013, was accused of assaulting the twelve-year old son of a family he was friends with.

"Cases like this illustrate the trauma that young victims experience when they have to face a predator in court," said First Assistant District Attorney Kristine M. Russell, who prosecuted the case. "Just as every case is different, so is every victim. They all handle that trauma differently. Sometimes, what’s best for the victim is to go forward with trial, and sometimes it’s best to work things out and avoid putting the victim on the stand."

Sentence was imposed on Stickel by the Hon. John E. LeBlanc.